10% off all necklaces!

Sorry for the lack of fun updates lately, have been spending time looking after a poorly Guinea Pig (Big Trouble from the competition draw video in the previous post) who almost lost an eye, but a few injections, some icky medicine & lots of stingy eye drops later and he seems to have made a full recovery!

So back to business! This month we're offering you a fabulous 10% off all of our full price necklaces* to help you spread your money further!

Also, on August 1st Plastic Bat will be selling wares at the Dundee Craft Fair! If you're in the neighbourhood we'd love you to come see us:

Dundee August Craft Fair
Caird Hall
City Square

August 1st 2009

*Offer ends Aug 1st.

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lovely little deer said...

I'm so happy to hear the lil guy is ok!!