Press Feature!

Check out my latest press feature in this months Make Jewellery Magazine!
Click the image above to view a bigger version so you can read the interview :)


Mozzypop Jewels said...

Ah that's brilliant! I always read this mag :) Love your new jewellery too.

Did you contact them or did they find you? I'm always amazed by the talented peeps that end up being featured!

MJ x

Plastic Bat said...

Aww thanks so much! The feature editor actually contacted me which was nice :) I've been really lucky with my press so far - I wouldn't know where to begin contacting mags lol!

Plastic Bat said...

Mozzypop - just had a look at your work - so cute!! You should totally try contacting Make Jewellery - some of the other stuff that was featured in the same article was fairly sub-standard to be honest so I'm sure they would love to hear from someone talented! Try contacting Nikki Arnold :)

Mozzypop Jewels said...

Oh thanks so much for the advice :) Keep up your amazing work!

Mozzypop Jewels