This week at PB HQ...

This week I:

Did some serious baby-wrangling!  Cora is crawling and generally acting like a tiny hilarious drunk! (Hence very few updates!)

Had piggy cuddles - Trouble is 5 now!  This makes him a bit of an old-timer in the Guinea Pig world

Flipped through my stack of vintage photo albums for inspiration - this page is a favourite - the dog in sunglasses next to the souvenir postcard of Grace Kelly's wedding - confusing!

Found an amazing Star Trek knitting pattern booklet... now to learn proper knitting!

Got Instagram on my android phone at last! (follow me!  I'm plasticbat!)


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Laura said...

Ah - my piggy lasted till the ripe old age of 9... you gotta love them! Love the vintage albums, and your little drunk!
Laura x