Busy Busy Busy!!

Its wholesale central here at Plastic Bat HQ!! After a couple of quiet months several of our stockists placed orders at the same time so things are a little crazy here trying to keep on top of everything. Thought I'd take a little time out to make a quick photo post about goings on.

A HUGE box of fresh cut acrylic landed on my doorstep this morning!

Its always fun to look through everything to see all the individually bagged designs & colours, all still with their protective film on.

The Las Vegas signs take the longest to make as there are so many tiny letters to place individually.  Its like a jigsaw really!

MArch of the multicoloured elephants!  Some of these are special order colours for www.hannahzakari.co.uk - Who will soon have a real shop opening in Edinburgh!
Also - our samples for new designs arrived this week so expect a preview very soon.

Have a great Saturday!


icandy... said...

how sweet!

Ele said...

Those elephants look adorable :D