Whats been going on this month...

1 - Worked on wholesale orders for Hannah Zakari & new stockist Misty Blue Accessories
2 - Went to the funfair!
3 - Ate funfair sweets
4 - Blew bubbles with Cora
5 - Hung out in my parent's Summer house
6 - Enjoyed the lovely weather
7 - Almost finished my first patchwork blanket (10 months in the making!!)
8 - Baked Cappucino cupcakes with white chocolate icing.  Nom!

What have you been upto lately?


Laura said...

Love that blanket - good effort!!!
I've been plotting my new novel and learning how to crochet in the hope of crocheting a wedding dress... but just a hanky piece would be a great start
Love the pics!
Laura x

Plastic Bat said...

Wow! You've been busy then! Crocheting a wedding dress? Sounds like a mammoth task!

Laura said...

I'm many many practise squares away from actually managing it :)